Friday, March 11, 2011

Yeah I's Thursday-Sunday

Sorry, I forgot to write the rest of it. :P
Thursday we went into a non-Christian school and taught about telling lies and the consequences of them. These kids were a lot different from the ones on Tuesday. They didn’t engage, they didn’t pay attention, and they didn’t really care that we were there. However, there was one little boy who was really into so that was good. Keep them in your prayers, and that Caton will continue to be able to go into that school and share Jesus with them. I also got to do a “sketch” where I poured an entire tube of toothpaste over a plate and then got really messy…that was exciting.
Thursday afternoon we continued odd-jobbing, Carita and I painted the rest of the youth center, other’s litter-picked, and other’s painted a village toilet..da da daaa!
Thursday night we continued ALF club where we showed the rest of Excusez Mwa. It was great, the kids loved it! After that we went to a thing called “Chapter 2” where we hung out with 14-16 year olds and shared our testimonies and just hung out. However, there was only 3 of them, but we had a blast!

Friday morning we had another Friendship CafĂ© where we drank more tea, ate more biscuits, and I had to continue to tell the old ladies, that “No, I’m not engaged, that ring is my purity rings. And no, I don’t have a boyfriend, and ok, you keep praying for me to find a husband.” It was great. That afternoon we did, yes, more litter picking. So. Much. Litter-picking. I’m pretty sure there was no litter left in that village after we were done. After that we got to head back to the church to prepare for the ladies evening. The ladies night was so fantastic! While all the moms listened about hair care and make-up, we took the little girls and painted their nails, gave them hand massages, and face masks. It was so much fun and those girls were all so cute! I really enjoyed laughing with them while putting cucumbers on their faces.
Saturday: Saturday morning we split into 2 groups. Dillon, me and Friedi did a football school while Corinne, Carita and Laura did a craft morning. We played around, froze, and had a great time telling the kids to be “Strong and Courageous” because God is always with them. It was lovely.
After that we headed to Lancaster where Peter, I told you about him earlier, the policeman, took us to the new Lancaster Police Station where we got to watch the CCTV’s, creep on people, watch a shoplifter in action, and then watch videos of drunk people at 1 am. If you want a profession in creeping, be a CCTV agent. It’ll be perfect. After that we just hung out in Starbucks as a team and relaxed. It was fabulous and so great to just hang out as a team with nothing to do. That night we had a Celidh….and we were the only young adults there. Exciting. We ate potatoes. And we danced the night away. My little host son Thomas, age 6, was my dance partner. He was the best. We rocked the dance floor.

Sunday: Last day. So sad. We put on the last church service, said what was our favorite part of the 10 days, and then I closed off with a encouragement to keep shining the light and reaching out. It was great. We had one last delicious lunch at the church, joked that if now was the time they killed us since they’ve fattened us up all week, took a few last photos, and were on our way, back to our castle for the next 10 days, until it’s time to go.

Right now marks the 7 day mark until Capernwray is officially over. My heart is sad and I’m soaking up every inch of this place. I’ve loved it here, I’ve grown so much here, and I can’t wait to bring all that back to wherever God has for me next. It’s going to be an interesting ride, and I can’t wait!

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