Monday, March 14, 2011

This is what it's about

Just to say a massive thanks for the students, the amount of tears yesterday said so much about the results of the week, amazing how God is at work in healing and restoration. The students were a real blessing in so many ways, the week was challenging for both us and them, but has man an enormous impact on the village. Hope the students aren’t to tired as they worked hard all week. So to God be the glory! (email from our Church leader)

This is what our 10 days were about. Planting seeds that are thirsty for growth in Jesus. I believe through Jesus’ strong hand guiding us, we have done this. It was an incredible 10 days, and this was just such a blessing to hear after a long and tiring week.

Today, marks 3 more days until Capernwray is officially over. I keep looking back at the calendar to figure out where the months have gone. There’s no way I just spent 6 months in a castle in England. That is ridiculous! It’s gone by so fast. NASCAR/Spaceship/Road-Runner fast. I can’t believe it. I’ve learned so much, I’ve figured out more and more of who I am, I’ve made life-long friends who know me and get me. I’ve figured out my faith outside of the Camp that for 10 years defined who I am, in a good way of course, but it was fantastic to grow and show my character to people who had no idea who I was.

There’s been spiritual highs and spiritual lows. Ups and downs. Sideways and slantways. But God has held steady and constant through it all, and through the trials and good times, has grown and molded me more and more into His servant, and I can’t wait to get back and show that to the world.
Tomorrow, I start packing. Wednesday, we have a banquet. Thursday we clean our rooms and get back our deposits. Thursday night Tiffany comes and visits. And on Friday, a new adventure begins. I’m sad to leave these incredible people who’ve blessed me and helped shape me into who I am, but I know it’s not the end. Jesus will bring us back together again. (A reunion in a roommate’s beach house in Mexico perhaps? ;)

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