Monday, March 28, 2011


I arrived on Friday. Made it 10.5 hours in the middle seat of a very large 777 airliner. I slept maybe an hour the entire time. I am not very good at resting on flights, that’s for sure. Finally, the not-very-pretty view of LAX greeted outside my window, and I landed on American soil for the first time in exactly 6 months. All I could think of once I landed was, “I wish I was back in England.”
An hour and customs/getting lost twice later, I was sitting waiting for my next not-on-time flight from LAX to Fresno. As I sat I just remembered praying, “Jesus, please help me be okay with being home, because all I want right now is to be back in England.” A 50 minute long plane ride later, I walked into the embrace of my mommy and daddy, sister and brother, who, by the way, is much taller than me know. I told them it felt like I had never left. They assured me it didn’t feel like that at all.
After a delicious dinner at Famous Daves, trying spicy BBQ that made my nose run, I got to mozey on down the Target aisles while smelling the Target smell I had missed while in England.
After they made me leave, we hopped in the car where I, having been awake for the past 27 hours, fell fast asleep.
Home looked exactly how I left it. Except with 3 feet of unwanted snow blocking my view. My new room was done and boy is it beautiful. I feel like a grown-up in my room, which is apparently what they’re trying to turn me into ;)
Being back has been so weird in so many ways. For one it feels like I’ve never left, and on the other hand, it feels like I’ve been gone for a lifetime. I’ve been adjusting to the time difference, catching up with all the people I love here so much, and continually thanking God for the blessing being at Capernwray was. I truly feel as if I know more of who I am know. It was incredible to be able to discover who I was, without my camp identifying me to others.
Capernwray was an incredible journey. I’ve learned lots, lots of things the hard way, lots of things the easy way. I’ve made friends who will last a lifetime, and stories that will never fade. Now, as I navigate the waters of my future, I’ve got a little floatation device that’s steering me in a clearer direction now than before. God is in control. He knows what he’s doing. He’s got a perfect plan. And I am so excited to see what he continues to make me.
Thanks for going on this journey with me. I’ve been so blessed by all your prayers and know they were not in vain. I may not be in England anymore, but the things I’ve learned will continue to live in my heart and guide my way as I head out in this life to become more and more a disciple of Jesus Christ.
My name is Katelyn Ann MacDonald. And I am a servant of Jesus Christ, currently and skillfully disguised as a college student.

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