Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Calling all Prayer Warriors!

Just a quick update: we begin traveling on Thursday. I head to Norfolk with some of my dad’s family and my traveling buddies head to London. We meet up on the 27th and board our flight to Milan. Because of all the snow and what the English consider “Crazy” weather, many flights have been canceled and many people are still stuck in the airport. It would be greatly appreciated if you could pray that our flights would continue on time and that everything would go smoothly, because we already have train tickets and hostels booked that we would not get refunded for. We land in Milan at 11:55 pm and our train leaves at 11 am. Another one of our travelers has a sketchy train ticket which is 4 days different than the rest of us and we’re trying to get that sorted now as well. Please pray that everything works out and that God is glorified through our attitudes and through the way we handle situations. Thanks!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well, it’s all officially over.

1st term of course. This last week completely whizzed by so incredibly fast it was unreal. Nothing too exciting happened until Tuesday night, where we had our Christmas banquet. So fun! We got to dress up all fancy like and enjoy a good meal, better than Thanksgiving in my mind. The staff served us and everything was so delicious. We even got glass cups! Woo-hoo! I guess we’ve officially been deemed big kids now. ;) It was so fun to see everyone all dressed up and fancy, and all the boys looking quite dashing in their “formal” wear. It was a good night. We ended it with a Kailey, some awesome Scottish dancing that is just fantastic. A great way to end the term I believe.
Wednesday was absolutely crazy. We had one lecture in the morning which was basically just a “this is how you clean your room” lecture. From there we headed out to finish packing and deep-clean our rooms. However, being the procrastinator that I am, I just basically sat there until I knew I needed to start and just dove in. Spending 5 hours cleaning and packing is NOT how I would want to spend my day…at all! But, I succeeded, and our room was pristine and beautiful, and totally empty. It was really sad, especially since it meant that my lovely roomies were leaving me. Soon, it became time for those going to London to leave. It was so sad, and everyone was feeling it. What’s crazy is, this is only for 3 weeks. I don’t even want to imagine what it will be like at the end of school when I’ll probably never see most of them again. We’ve really grown into a family here, and I am absolutely loving it.

Today was just depressing. There’s only about 20 or so of us left here, and that’s including staff. The castle is quiet and empty and dark and scary and lonely. It isn’t fun. We keep running around yelling for everyone wondering where they’ve all gone. We started an easy day of work that lasted 2 hours of our time running around all the rooms throwing things away and getting dirty sheets. Once that was over and I said goodbye to my roomie Pam, we planned Christmas. I can now officially say that we have everything except for a place to stay in Paris done. Hooray for fast internet when everyone leaves!
This week will go by fast, and I am so excited to start traveling. We have Saturday and Sunday off and then 3 days of work before we head out. I can’t wait for all these adventures.
Well, I’m bored of writing. So I’m going to enjoy the fast internet while I still can.
Have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What a crazy week!

There’s only 5 days left until the break and it’s going fast! Let’s see, what happened this week? Well, first off, we did not go to my family’s for breakfast, because the night before, it snowed 1 inch, and they were afraid we wouldn’t be able to get to their house….nope. I’m not kidding. They really freak out over snow here. It was okay though, because we still had Secret Santa, and it was really fun. I got some yummy chocolate and colored pencils. The only funny thing about one of the chocolates, unknown to my secret Santa since most of the ingredients were in German, was that they were alcohol-soaked truffles. Whoops! I put one in my mouth and instantly made the weirdest face…during lectures by the way, and everyone looked at me like I crazy. Oh geez. Those things were nasty. Why do people like alcohol? It’s GROSS! Well, that was fun. My poor brother felt so bad. After giving away my truffles to people not telling them what was in it to see their faces, I kept the bag to remember. Oh goodness.
Thursday was the best day so far. While talking to my grandparents…suddenly the lights went out and machines started beeping (the phones still worked though strangely). Turns out someone had cut through a wire, and we, including 1000 other homes in the country, were without power…until around 3 in the morning. It was SO FUN! We all sat in the hallway with the stairs, by the fire, hung out, huddled together to stay warm…since the heat was off of course, and then had a candle-lit dinner of bread, chips, and Cadbury Chocolate Spread (Rival to Nutella, and almost better). Later, we all sat on the stairs and sang Christmas carols. It was so great. It was really nice just to be able to fellowship with each other and hang out. It was a really nice time and it’s probably going to be one of my favorite memories. The downside to all this fun-ness? In our side of the Conference Hall, we do not heat, only space heaters. And guess what doesn’t work without power? Our lovely space heater. So our rooms were freezing. I probably wore all my clothes that night and never moved. It wasn’t so bad. But it wasn’t great either. ;)
Yesterday (Friday), we went back to Carnforth to plan more Christmas. Now, we have a hostel in Venice, and a train to Rome. We’re getting there! Now we only need places to stay in Rome, a way to get from Rome to Paris, places to stay in Paris, and then a way back to Manchester. If anyone knows anyone who lives in any places who would like to have 4 poor college students stay with them, it would be greatly appreciated! Haha.
Well, tonight is the talent show. And knowing some of these people, it’s going to be ridiculous.
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It snowed...again.

Yeah yea, sure, it’s pretty. But I still prefer rain. Last week was great, great teaching from Stuart and Jill Briscoe, great fun with friends, and great planning of Christmas. We’ve still got a lot more to do but so far we’ve got train tickets to Manchester, then go to my 2nd cousin Debbie’s house for Christmas, then we have a flight to Milan and a hostel in Milan. The last thing we got figured out was a train from Milan to Venice. Now we just have to figure out hostels in Venice, train to Rome, places to stay in Rome, a flight to Paris, places to stay in Paris, then a flight back to Capernwray. It’s crazy planning all this, but I’m really excited for all of it. It will be a trip of a lifetime, that’s for sure.
I can’t believe there is only 10 days left until Christmas break. I realized though how sad I am to not be coming home. It’s weird not being home. But I’m excited for where I’m at. I have to switch rooms when 2nd term starts and I am a little bummed, even though I get to move into the castle. I just love my roommates and my suitemates. The 7 of us have gotten really close and I’m going to miss them, and our awesomely warm rooms. However, our pipes to the bathroom froze, so we now have no cold water, and in order to flush the toilet, we must fill up buckets with water from the shower and dump it in. Yeah. It’s been interesting. Especially since they don’t know when they’ll be able to fix it. Yay for life experiences.
Tomorrow we have family group, and we’re going to Trevor and Viv’s house for a traditional Irish Fry-Up breakfast and have Secret Santa. I’m excited. Trevor and Viv are great. Especially since yesterday, my dear old Pop Trevor dressed up as a Whoopie cushion and danced up the aisle to the stage to the song “Waving Flag” by Matisyahu. Yep. That’s my family dad. It’s like the Joshua Mock Rock all over again.
It’s December now so the bulk of our assignments are mostly done. We only have 1 assignment due before Christmas and so that’s nice. When we get back we start preparing for our 10 day outreach, which I’m really excited about. We find out where we’re going once we get back. I’m so glad for a bit of a break. It’s been so stressful because it’s the first year of the accreditation, so no one really knows what we’re doing. But that’s okay. It’s working out, slowly. It’ll be nice to get college credit though, that’s for sure.
We have our Walk Thru the New Testament test tomorrow…and I can honestly say I do NOT know this one as good as the Old Testament. But it’s okay, I have all afternoon and tomorrow to work on it. Boy do I have lots to do though. I’ve even started to make lists. Wow, never thought I’d ever do that. I’m slowly becoming an organized person…oh no! ;)
Well, I don’t really know what else to write about so that’s it for now. I’ll try to update a little bit later in the week when there’s more exciting news. This was basically just me throwing-up all that’s going on this week onto my little blog. Enjoy!
Merry 19 days ‘till Christmas!