Monday, March 7, 2011

34 1/2 cups of tea.

Yep. In all reality it’s not that much over 10 days. But, it really is. Like I said before, these English-people are real serious about their tea. And I’m not kidding. The one thing I always knew to say was, “There’s tea and biscuits in the back.” Always.
These 10 days have been fantastic. They’ve been wearisome, they’ve been long, and they haven’t stopped, but they’ve been great, and I’ve learned a lot. We didn’t lead anyone to Christ or see any results, but we planted seeds, and now it’s in God’s hands.
Let’s start off at the beginning. I’ll give a couple days and then add more on other days, just to keep you interested.
We arrived at the friendship café where we drank, well, tea obviously, and ate biscuits while chatting with old ladies about our lives. It was a nice relaxing way to start off. If only it stayed that way…. After lunch we went visiting some of these ladies around in their homes, where we had…gasp! More tea and biscuits! That night was real easy, a nice dinner at a cute little restaurant where their “burgers” are definitely NOT burgers. Try meatloaf in burger-form. Let’s just say I’m real excited for a real, AMERICAN burger pretty soon. After long hours of chatting, visiting, sin-cake, and more tea, we left for a beautiful sleep in our favorite little farm-house.
Freezing cold. 2 hours. Outside. Football. Cold. These kids sure can show us a thing or two. Geez they are good. After getting hit in the face by a ball thanks to my teammate Dillon, we were free to leave and warm up. After lunch, right when we were beginning to gain feeling back in our hands, they told us to go outside (???) and….wash….cars? In February? With freezing cold water? Oh I’m not kidding. We had a good old English car wash with unheated water and about 50 degree weather. Oh, it got fun after awhile, but there were definitely times where I had to send up a little prayer going something like this “Jesus, please give me the strength and humility to stick my hand back in that freezing cold bucket.” After some tea and biscuits later, we were off to the Quiz night. Another very serious thing these English do. We brought our American flair and ate delicious meat pies and had a real fun time. I know, quizzes and fun do not seem to go hand in hand, but it did. So that was good.

Sunday: We did the service. It went pretty well I think, we made it to 45 minutes, which was perfect timing. 2 of my girls gave testimonies of God’s faithfulness in their lives, one of my girls prayed in German, and the boy and I sang “Surrender” by the Hank Murphy Band, which they loved. I spoke….it lasted about 5 minutes but that was all I needed. They all said they felt very encouraged by the end of it, so that was nice. After tea and biscuits, we went on a leisurely walk around the village of Caton. It was quite nice. That night we had a Youth Service, but it was more of a, all the older-church folk and a few scattered young adults. One of the teens sent messages to all his friends though so I hear we had a pretty good turn-out. It was really fun! We made them play a loud, American game and they actually liked it! We did a skit….or drama I should say. When I first said “Skit” they thought I said something else and were quite confused….you figure out what they thought I said ;) One of my girls spoke and I closed up. We had tea and biscuits and spent the rest of the night hanging out with these awesome kids, it was really fun! I really enjoyed it, and I love every opportunity I get to talk to kids and hang out with them. Especially the cute, 19 and older British ones ;)

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